Our Story



Hi, I'm Janice Schmidt, the goddess behind Mosaic Goddess and Goddess Rags.  Based in Atlanta, GA where I create my garments and mosaics.   As a child growing up in Cleveland, my mother and grandmother taught me the joy of working with my hands.  The materials may have been clay, yarn and bread dough, rather than mosaic or fabric bits, but they gave me the confidence to explore.  

After 20 years of focusing on mosaics, I've rediscovered my love for sewing.  The textures are different from mosaic tesserae, but with both clothing and mosaic design, you explore colors and their relationships, shape and working with small bits.  Focusing on vintage fabrics making skirts, pants and jackets, my garments are colorful and storied.  A year ago I made a public commitment to make and post one thing a day for 365 days.  Like me on Facebook (Janice Schmidt) to see my almost daily creations.

And yes, I still make mosaics, mostly buckles and custom pieces (which I also post on Facebook).  I also teach mosaics for all levels in Atlanta at Spruill Center for the Arts in Dunwoody, GA.  Contact me or Spruill Arts Center for schedule or more information.

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